Dr. Umar Saif says Pakistan has met 13 out of 15 goals to boost the IT sector in just 5 months

Dr. Umar Saif, the Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, reported that the interim government has made notable strides, accomplishing 13 out of 15 objectives within a brief span of 5 months to invigorate the IT sector and augment exports.

One significant achievement includes permitting IT enterprises to retain 50% of their export earnings in dollars, resulting in a substantial 32% surge in IT exports. Additionally, the establishment of the Telecom Tribunal aims to streamline dispute resolution within the telecom industry, comprising a chairperson and two technocrats appointed by the Ministry of Law.

Furthermore, ongoing initiatives encompass the implementation of the Right of Way Policy and the inception of a research and development fund for mobile phone manufacturing. Collaborative efforts with various stakeholders aim to bolster IT education, including plans for the Industry Placement Program to furnish job opportunities for graduates and earmark funds for industry-centric courses in universities.

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