Bilawal refuses to share power

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari disclosed on Sunday his refusal of a proposed power-sharing arrangement wherein the prime minister’s office would be split between two parties. He firmly stated that former president Asif Ali Zardari would be the PPP’s nominee for president.

Meanwhile, PML-N leader Ishaq Dar, while emphasizing the confidentiality of discussions among parties vying to form the next government, indicated that Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari had made public a time-sharing proposal. However, Dar asserted that this was just one facet, and there could be alternative formulas.

Addressing a rally in Thatta to commemorate the PPP’s victory in Sindh, Bhutto-Zardari recounted the rejection of a proposition by the PML-N for alternating the prime ministerial tenure. He reiterated his commitment to seek the premiership through the electorate’s mandate rather than through negotiated arrangements.

Bhutto-Zardari announced the PPP’s decision to align with those who sought its support without pursuing ministerial positions. He nominated his father, Asif Ali Zardari, as the PPP’s candidate for the presidency, asserting that Zardari would work to ease political tensions and foster unity.

Regarding the electoral process, Bhutto-Zardari claimed irregularities favoring a PTI-backed candidate over a PPP representative. He pledged to compile complaints from PPP workers nationwide and pursue them through appropriate channels, urging unity in protest if necessary.

In urging parties to adhere to democratic norms, Bhutto-Zardari cautioned against divisive politics based on religious, ethnic, or sectarian lines. He challenged leaders of other parties to substantiate their claims with evidence, reaffirming his commitment to democratic principles.

Responding to Bhutto-Zardari’s statements, PML-N’s Ishaq Dar maintained that discussions with the PPP and MQM-P for forming a government were ongoing, with no definitive agreements yet. Dar stressed the need for discretion until formal decisions are reached, dismissing Bilawal’s disclosure as only one aspect of the dialogue.

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