AC Hazim Bangwar rescued a young injured individual by personally transporting them to the hospital

Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bhangwar, serving in North Nazimabad, Karachi, emerged as a true savior when he rescued a young man who had suffered severe injuries in a hit-and-run accident. The incident occurred right in front of Deputy Commissioner District Central on Shahjahan Avenue, where a reckless speeding car ruthlessly struck the victim before fleeing the scene.

Without hesitation, Hazim Bhangwar, the dedicated Assistant Commissioner of North Nazimabad, swiftly took charge of the situation. Recognizing the urgency, he personally transported the injured youth, who lay in agony on the road, to a nearby private hospital. Thanks to his prompt action and intervention, the young man’s life was saved.

Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bhangwar affirmed that the injured youth’s condition is now stable, and there is no immediate danger to his life. The commendable act of AC Hazim Bhangwar quickly gained widespread attention through photos and videos shared on various social media platforms. The compassionate initiative of the Assistant Commissioner, going above and beyond his duty to aid a victim of a traffic accident, has received immense praise from users across the internet.

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