A father of two tragically took his own life due to a debt of Rs. 13,000

A devastating incident unfolded in Rawalpindi, as 42-year-old Muhammad Masood tragically took his own life due to the immense pressure caused by a loan of Rs. 13,000. Unemployment and inflation added to the already challenging circumstances, pushing him to this unfortunate decision.

Facing financial hardships, Masood initially borrowed the loan from an online agency to cover essential expenses such as his children’s school fees and house rent. However, the situation quickly spiraled out of control as he found himself trapped in a cycle of borrowing from various apps, resulting in the debt skyrocketing to Rs. 700,000 within a few weeks.

Unable to meet the mounting repayment demands and faced with relentless threats from lenders, Muhammad Masood resorted to hanging himself, leaving behind his two young sons. His wife shared that Masood had lost his job six months earlier, exacerbating their financial struggles. Additionally, she revealed that they had acquired the loan through a social media Easy Loan app, which rapidly accumulated interest, leading to an outstanding amount of Rs. 100,000. The companies involved also resorted to threatening Masood with the disclosure of his personal information.

With his final words, Masood expressed the burden of owing money to multiple individuals, compounded by the added pressure of accumulating interest. His tragic story serves as a reminder of the dire consequences of financial distress and the urgent need for support and resources in such circumstances.

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