Zuckerberg lost a lot of money when Facebook and Instagram went down

Yesterday’s outage of both Facebook and Instagram sent shockwaves across their massive user bases, causing widespread panic and frustration. Meta, the parent company of these platforms, promptly acknowledged the issue and assured users that they were actively working to resolve it. Later, Meta confirmed that the outage was due to a technical glitch, which has since been addressed.

The downtime likely resulted in significant losses in ad revenue for Meta. In the final quarter of 2023, Meta reported an impressive $38.7 billion in ad revenue, translating to approximately $420 million per day over the course of 92 days, or roughly $292,119 per minute. During Meta’s recent earnings call, it was revealed that over three billion people use its platforms daily, generating a vast amount of engagement that drives revenue.

While the exact financial impact of the outage remains undisclosed, some reports suggest that Meta incurred losses in the millions of dollars during the downtime.

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