Woman arrested at Karachi Airport with 23 iPhones attached to her body

At Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, customs officials successfully foiled an attempt to smuggle 23 iPhones 15 Pro Max, valued at Rs9.2 million. The incident transpired when a passenger arriving from Sharjah aroused suspicion in the green channel, designated for travelers without goods to declare, due to unsatisfactory responses.

Upon closer inspection of her luggage, officials uncovered empty boxes of mobile phones and graphics cards, prompting a comprehensive search. This thorough examination revealed that the woman had cleverly concealed 23 iPhones 15 Pro Max on her person.

The total worth of the confiscated phones was Rs9.2 million, with an additional duty tax of Rs4.3 million applicable. Consequently, the woman was apprehended, and authorities seized the illicitly imported mobile phones.

This incident underscores the vigilance of customs officials in identifying and thwarting attempts to illegally bring valuable items into the country. Such smuggling endeavors not only breach regulations but also pose the risk of substantial financial losses for those involved.

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