With new series Dukh Sukh, Ahsan Khan hopes to recreate some PTV magic

With his new series of TV shorts, actor Ahsan Khan forays further into production and hopes to change things up on Pakistan television.

Titled Dukh Sukh, the series will move beyond the “same repetitive saas bahu stories” that are common on the small screen these days.

In conversation with Images, Ahsan lamented, “Everybody keeps following [the same formula.] I feel there’s no [drama] on TV like the PTV dramas, which the younger generation may not remember but I’ve watched them on repeat on YouTube.”

“Those dramas were so satisfying, so entertaining and had a great message as well,” he continued. “I think we’ve never worked on those genres; they used to look like short films. So I thought of taking the thought of different writers [and turning them into] this series.”

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