Wahab Riaz Firmly Declares, “I’m Not Ready to Bid Farewell to Cricket”

Wahab Riaz, the talented fast bowler from Pakistan, has expressed his keen interest in participating in the upcoming training camps organized by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Speaking to the media during the Torch ceremony of the Punjab Games at Kinnaird College in Lahore, Wahab firmly stated that he has no intentions of retiring from cricket at this point in time. He emphasized his focus on future endeavors, highlighting his dedication to rigorous training and honing his bowling skills.

Wahab humbly requested the PCB to consider including him in the training camp, recognizing the invaluable opportunity it presents to practice and refine his bowling techniques. He expressed his belief that even half an hour of bowling in the camp would significantly benefit him.

By attending the training camp, Wahab aims to elevate his performance and make valuable contributions to the national team in future cricket matches.

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