Vietnam introduces E-Visa for Pakistan, here are the details

The Vietnamese government is poised to introduce an E-Visa service tailored for Pakistani businesspeople. This significant announcement was made by Nguyen Tien Phong, the Vietnamese Ambassador, during his address to the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI).

The ambassador underscored a key obstacle in boosting trade relations between the two nations—namely, a lack of knowledge and connectivity. He emphasized the imperative need for mutual understanding and cooperation to effectively address these shared challenges.

Vietnam actively engages in the import and export of diverse goods from Pakistan, and instead of competing, both countries should explore avenues for collaboration, as per the ambassador’s insights.

Commending Faisalabad’s well-established textile industry, Phong suggested diversifying into the realm of information technology, potentially envisioning the city as a textile-centric Silicon Valley.

Phong also extended the hand of technological cooperation, proposing the sharing of technology and the establishment of joint ventures with Pakistani entrepreneurs. Moreover, Vietnam expressed readiness to support Pakistan in nurturing its burgeoning tourism sector. In addition, the ambassador championed the concept of reciprocal visits by bilateral trade delegations and offered to facilitate business-to-business meetings involving pertinent stakeholders.

Lastly, he advised Pakistani farmers to formally seek assistance from the beef association, exploring novel avenues for export opportunities.

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