UAE: A Mother’s Incredible Sacrifice to Rescue Her Son

A Mother’s Unforgettable Sacrifice: UAE Woman Gives Her Life to Save Son

Reports from foreign media reveal the astonishing story of Fatima Al-Zayudi, a courageous Emirati mother who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the survival of her son. In a powerful testament to the bond between a mother and child, Fatima selflessly donated a portion of her liver to her 17-year-old son, Yusuf al-Naqbi.

The intricate procedure took place at Abu Dhabi’s Cleveland Clinic, where skilled medical professionals successfully performed the complex liver transplant. Fatima’s liver was carefully removed and transplanted into Yusuf, resulting in both surgeries being deemed triumphs. Presently, the mother and son are in the process of recovery, and Yusuf’s newly transplanted liver is functioning normally.

Recounting the events leading up to the life-saving transplant, Fatima shared that after considering various medical opinions, the consensus was that a liver transplant was the only viable treatment for her son’s condition. Determined to save his life, she immediately made the selfless decision to donate a portion of her liver.

“It was a significant decision in my life. I prayed that my liver would be a blessing for my son. Although initially reluctant, I managed to convince him after sharing the positive medical reports,” Fatima revealed. Reflecting on the emotional moments following the operation, she added, “My son, Yusuf al-Naqbi, is not only a part of my liver but also my entire life. The look he gave me after the operation was a priceless moment, filled with indescribable joy and pride.”

Expressing his gratitude, Yusuf, now blessed with a new lease on life, said, “I am deeply thankful to Allah for granting me such a compassionate and selfless mother. Words cannot adequately convey my happiness and gratitude.”

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