Turkey has recently declared that residential areas will receive natural gas for free.

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan has announced that the government will provide up to 25 cubic meters of free natural gas for residential use each month. He made the announcement during a ceremony for Turkey’s first onshore natural gas supply from a reserve in the Black Sea, near the province of Zonguldak in the north. Additionally, for the next month, residential usage of natural gas will be unlimited, and for a year, gas used in household bathrooms and kitchens will also be given away for free at a rate of approximately 25 cubic meters per month. This move is expected to save consumers 1,500 Lira ($77.2) per year, or 125 Lira ($6.44) per month, during a period of high cost of living. Ankara plans to start pumping the first Black Sea gas to residential areas before the May 14 presidential and legislative elections, which could potentially increase Erdogan’s popularity.

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