Tourist Killed While Resisting Robbery at Babusar Top

A tragic incident unfolded in Babusar, involving the unfortunate demise of a driver who fell victim to assailants. The perpetrators had set out to commit theft from unsuspecting individuals. The driver in question was Mohammad Rashid, hailing from the province of Punjab. This heart-wrenching event transpired at Babusar, a renowned tourist destination.

The criminals had cunningly obstructed the roadway by placing large rocks, intending to halt passing vehicles and carry out their unlawful activities. The astute driver, sensing something awry, attempted to reverse his vehicle. However, the assailants opened fire, inflicting severe injuries upon him. Regrettably, Mohammad Rashid succumbed to his wounds as a result of this horrifying encounter. Tragically, there were six other passengers in the car with him at the time.

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