Today Pakistan is launching its second satellite into space

Pakistan is gearing up to launch its second satellite, dubbed ‘PAKSAT MM1,’ on Thursday, May 30. This communication satellite aims to enhance TV broadcasts, mobile phone services, and internet connectivity nationwide.

The satellite will be launched from China’s XiChang Satellite Launch Centre, marking a significant technological collaboration between China and Pakistan. It is poised to bring about positive socio-economic changes and contribute to Pakistan’s digital advancement.

Despite the initial high costs associated with launching and operating the satellite, the long-term benefits are expected to be substantial. These benefits include the creation of high-tech jobs, attraction of foreign and domestic investments, and stimulation of economic growth. Moreover, by improving communication services, the satellite will bolster sectors such as education, healthcare, and business, thereby fostering overall national development.

Scheduled to commence its service in August, ‘PAKSAT MM1’ will offer enhanced communication capabilities benefiting both urban and rural areas. The improved connectivity will facilitate better access to information and services, bridging the digital gap and aligning with Pakistan’s aspirations for modernization and progress.

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