Saudi King Salman will host 1,000 family members of Palestinian victims for Hajj

King Salman has ordered the hosting of 2,322 Hajj pilgrims this year. This group includes 1,000 family members of Palestinians. Additionally, 1,300 people from 88 different countries and 22 family members of conjoined twins who were separated in surgeries performed in Saudi Arabia will be hosted. This information was reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

This initiative is part of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ Guests Program for Hajj and Umrah, overseen by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance. The purpose of this program is to provide a special opportunity for selected individuals to perform the Hajj pilgrimage, a significant religious duty for Muslims.

Since the program began 26 years ago, it has hosted more than 60,000 pilgrims from around the world. Each year, the program continues to expand, welcoming a diverse group of pilgrims to participate in Hajj. The program is known for its hospitality and the careful planning that ensures the comfort and well-being of all participants. Preparations for this year’s pilgrimage are already in progress, with a strategic plan in place to manage the logistics of hosting such a large number of guests.

This plan includes arrangements for accommodation, transportation, and other necessary services to ensure a smooth and fulfilling pilgrimage experience for all the guests.

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ Guests Program for Hajj and Umrah reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to supporting Muslims worldwide and fostering international goodwill. By hosting these pilgrims, the Kingdom aims to provide a meaningful and spiritual experience for individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to perform Hajj. This initiative is a testament to the Kingdom’s dedication to the service of Islam and the global Muslim community.

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