There Is No Rivalry with Neeraj Chopra : Arshad Nadeem

Arshad Nadeem, a prominent javelin thrower from Pakistan, has conveyed that he doesn’t perceive his relationship with Neeraj Chopra, India’s champion in World and Olympic events, as a rivalry. Instead, Nadeem emphasizes that he views his connection with Chopra as an invaluable opportunity to learn from accomplished athletes, leveraging their experiences and achievements.

In a significant moment, Chopra achieved a monumental feat by securing a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. His exceptional throw of 88.17 meters marked a historic milestone, establishing him as the first Indian to accomplish such a feat. Nadeem, the reigning Commonwealth Games champion representing Pakistan, earned the silver medal with his remarkable season’s best throw of 87.82 meters. Meanwhile, Jakub Vadlejch from the Czech Republic secured the bronze medal.

Chopra and Nadeem have consistently competed in various prestigious competitions, including the Tokyo Olympics, where Chopra’s historic gold medal and Nadeem’s impressive fifth-place finish showcased their remarkable talents on the international stage. It’s noteworthy that both athletes have emphasized that their rivalry is not a political issue, expressing contentment that both countries are represented in the realm of sports.

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