“The World’s First Sculpture” Honors Women Who Wear Hijab

A towering 16-foot steel sculpture, titled “Strength of the Hijab,” is nearing completion and will soon find its home in Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city.

This impressive one-tonne statue, commissioned by the local charity Legacy West Midlands, is believed to be the world’s first of its kind. Renowned artist Luke Perry is the creator behind this remarkable piece, designed to pay homage to Muslim women who proudly wear the hijab.

Perry’s intention with this sculpture is to symbolize and celebrate these women, offering them the recognition and visibility they rightfully deserve. In many cases, they constitute an integral yet often underrepresented segment of the community.

The design of “Strength of the Hijab” emerged through a collaborative process involving the local community to ensure that it authentically reflects the significance and spirit of Muslim women who wear the hijab.

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