The US is asking Pakistan to investigate irregularities in the election

On Monday, the United States called for Pakistan to conduct an impartial investigation into allegations of election irregularities through its legal system.

Matthew Miller, the spokesperson for the US State Department, addressed the issue, stating, “I don’t know what body are they proposing to conduct an independent investigation would be.” He emphasized the importance of allowing Pakistan’s legal system to address the matter initially, adding, “Right now, it’s a matter of first course, legal system play itself out in Pakistan, that’s the appropriate first step to take, and we think that’s the step that should be taken.”

Miller noted that the United States was open to exploring other options, with some US lawmakers urging the Biden administration not to recognize the results of the Feb 8 elections until the proposed investigation is completed. He stated, “If there are additional steps that ought to be entertained, we are happy to look into that,” adding, “Certainly, we want to see the freedom of assembly respected anywhere in the world.”

While acknowledging the participation of the Pakistani people in the elections, Miller also commended Pakistani poll workers, civil society, journalists, and election observers for their efforts to safeguard democratic and electoral institutions.

Regarding the US reaction to rigging allegations, Miller explained, “We did express concerns publicly, we also expressed those concerns privately and joined the EU, the UK and other countries in doing so with some irregularities that we saw in the process.”

He reiterated the US government’s call for Pakistan to respect the election’s outcome and uphold democratic principles, emphasizing the importance of the rule of law, respect for the constitution, a free press, and a vibrant civil society.

Miller acknowledged the negative impact of restrictions on internet and cellphone connections during the election, condemning political and election-related violence as well. He emphasized the need for Pakistan’s legal system to thoroughly investigate claims of interference and fraud.

Lastly, Miller stated that the United States would continue to monitor the situation in the days ahead.

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