The US has provided $320,000 for Balochistan’s historic museum

The United States has allocated $320,000 to safeguard the Mehrgarh Museum in Balochistan, according to statements from US Ambassador Donald Blome and Caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan Ali Mardan Khan Domki. This financial contribution is aimed at the preservation of artifacts from Mehrgarh, recognized as the earliest known farming civilization in South Asia.

Ambassador Donald Blome underscored the significance of this initiative, highlighting the United States’ commitment to protecting Balochistan’s cultural heritage. The U.S. is actively participating in the restoration of 33 historical sites across Pakistan, encompassing mosques, Buddhist monasteries, Hindu monuments, Sufi shrines, and relics from the Mughal Empire.

In a related development, Caretaker Minister for Culture and Heritage Jamal Shah announced plans to launch a dedicated TV channel focused on promoting Pakistan’s cultural heritage. The channel will showcase translated versions of various regional literature, making the diverse cultural tapestry of Pakistan more accessible to a wider audience. This comprehensive effort reflects a commitment to preserving and celebrating the country’s rich historical and cultural legacy.

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