The owner of Peshawar’s ‘Charsi Tikka’ arrested for kissing a foreign tourist

The owner of Peshawar’s renowned Charsi Tikka restaurant, Nisar Khan, known as ‘Charsi,’ has been arrested by local police following allegations of inappropriate behavior towards his foreign customers.

Nisar Khan was apprehended after reports from residents indicated that he was observed kissing some of his customers, including foreign tourists, on the street. This incident gained widespread attention on social media due to circulated images.

In response, the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) ordered immediate legal action, resulting in a case being registered against the Charsi Tikka owner under section 294 of the Pakistan Penal Code in Peshawar. He has been charged with indecent conduct involving foreign tourists who were staying at a local hotel.

Nisar has faced previous criticism for inappropriate behavior towards female tourists, particularly those from outside Pakistan. Videos showing non-consensual touching with female tourists have sparked outrage on social media. Many users expressed their support for the police’s actions and condemned his behavior, highlighting that such actions reflect poorly on the people of Peshawar.

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