The ICC World Cup trophy’s value is as follows

The trophy transcends being a mere physical object; it stands as a powerful symbol of honor, prestige, and extraordinary accomplishment in the world of sports. With an imposing weight of 11 kilograms and a towering height of 60 centimeters, it is more than just an award; it encapsulates athletic excellence, capturing the essence of dedication and perseverance that defines the sporting arena.

The craftsmanship invested in crafting this masterpiece is nothing short of astonishing, with a substantial price tag of $30,000. Forged from a blend of silver and gold, the trophy radiates elegance and grandeur. At its pinnacle, a golden globe signifies the global scale of the event it represents, most likely an international sports tournament. Beneath the globe, three silver columns mimic the appearance of cricket wickets and bails, in keeping with the cricketing theme.

One noteworthy aspect of the trophy is its historical significance. The names of the victorious teams from the event’s history are meticulously etched onto the lower section of the trophy.

Interestingly, the winning team does not lay claim to the original trophy. Instead, they are presented with an exact replica. The genuine trophy finds its permanent residence at the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in Dubai.

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