The first ship carrying Hajj pilgrims has reached Jeddah Port

The initial batch of Hajj pilgrims, voyaging by ship, has reached Jeddah Islamic Port from Sudan on Monday, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency. This signifies a significant milestone as these pilgrims embark on their sacred journey to Mecca.

The Saudi Ports Authority has underscored the comprehensive logistical services available at Jeddah Islamic Port, meticulously designed to streamline the arrival and departure processes for pilgrims. These services also ensure the smooth passage of goods through the port to reach local markets, particularly during the bustling Hajj season.

Jeddah Islamic Port is well-equipped with a range of facilities to efficiently handle the influx of pilgrims and cargo. Notable features include a cutting-edge maritime control tower that oversees all vessel movements, guaranteeing safe navigation. Moreover, the port is equipped with robust tugboats to aid in the safe docking and departure of large ships. Furthermore, the port boasts a spacious passenger hall where pilgrims can comfortably rest and complete necessary procedures. Additionally, there’s a dedicated dock for managing livestock, vital for the traditional sacrifices performed during Hajj.

These facilities and services at Jeddah Islamic Port play a pivotal role in managing the influx of pilgrims arriving by sea annually. By offering a secure and efficient transit experience, the port ensures that pilgrims can focus on their spiritual journey with tranquility.

The efforts of the Saudi Ports Authority underscore their dedication to meeting the needs of Hajj pilgrims and facilitating a seamless Hajj season for all participants.

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