Thar sand is great for making computer chips

With the assistance of experts, the Sindh Department of Information Technology has recently unearthed that sand sourced from Thar holds significant potential for manufacturing computer chips.

Experts assert that harnessing Thar sand for chip production could effectively address the burgeoning demand for digital devices. Consequently, the Department of Information Technology has proposed the establishment of a silicon chip wafer factory to the government.

The process of manufacturing chip wafers necessitates essential resources such as coal, sand, water, and electricity. Among these, Thar sand emerges as the most viable option, as per expert analysis.

The projected cost for constructing the chip wafer factory is estimated at around $450 million, with potential financing options under the ambit of the CPEC project. The proposed site for the factory spans 150 acres of land in the Tharparkar region of Islamkot.

Completion of the preliminary paperwork for the Chip Wafer Foundry initiative has been accomplished by the Sindh Information Technology Department. Subsequently, the documentation has been forwarded to relevant ministries for scrutiny and approval.

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