Supreme Court says women can ask for Haq Mehar whenever they want

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has strongly affirmed the obligation of husbands to pay haq mehr, a financial right for wives in Islamic marriages. Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa issued a three-page verdict in response to Khalid Parvez’s plea challenging this Shariah provision, emphasizing the legal and Shariah sanctity of haq mehr.

The court highlighted that haq mehr is a protected requirement under Pakistani law, and if the marriage contract does not specify a time for payment, the woman has the right to demand it at any time.

This case, which reached the Supreme Court after six years, revealed the complainant’s persistent challenges to the haq mehr provision in various courts. The verdict dismissed Parvez’s plea, noting that if lower courts had penalized him earlier, it might not have escalated to the Supreme Court. During the case’s last hearing, the Supreme Court imposed a fine of Rs100,000 on Parvez. This landmark decision solidifies the legal standing of haq mehr, affirming its significance in protecting women’s rights within the framework of Islamic and Pakistani law.

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