Students Of IBA Give Emotional Farewell to Oldest Employee Working for 31 Years at Boys Hostel

One of the longest-serving staff members at the institution, Zakir Lala had been a member of the mess crew at the Boys Hostel of IBA for an amazing 31 years. With a quiet personality and a perpetual smile on his face, Zakir had witnessed several batches of students come and depart throughout his three decades of service.

The boys said goodbye to Zakir in a heartbreaking ceremony last night that was held in the dorm. Zakir had never sought attention, but his assistance to the hostel and its occupants had not gone ignored. Students praised him for being approachable and helpful, for the small things he did that had a significant impact, and for his consistent commitment to his work.

The boys gave Zakir gifts and other marks of their gratitude as the night came to a conclusion, saying thank you for his service and wishing him well in his retirement. For Zakir, the ceremony was a fitting finale to a long and fruitful career and a monument to the ties that develop between faculty and students in institutes of higher learning like IBA.

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