Sindh increases minimum wages for factory workers

In Sindh, there has been an increase in the minimum monthly wages for both skilled and unskilled factory laborers, and this development was officially announced by Zulfiqar Ali Nizamani, the Chairman of the Sindh Minimum Wage Board.

Under these new regulations, skilled workers are entitled to a minimum monthly wage of Rs. 33,280, while their unskilled counterparts will receive no less than Rs. 32,000. Factory owners are obligated to ensure that these minimum wage standards are met for their workers.

Should there be any objections to these adjustments, a 14-day period has been provided for their submission. The Chairman underscored the importance of strict adherence to these minimum wage guidelines, emphasizing that stringent actions will be taken against those who fail to comply.

Furthermore, the Sindh High Court has issued a directive instructing the government to enforce a minimum wage of Rs. 25,000 for sanitary workers.

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