Sindh High Court Judge Surprised as Grade 17 Officer Can’t Spell ‘Mathematics’ for B.A. in Maths

During a hearing at the Sindh High Court (SHC), Justice Salahuddin Panhwar was taken aback by the response of a grade 17 officer regarding his BA degree in mathematics. The officer’s inability to correctly spell the word “Math” when questioned elicited laughter in the courtroom.

The hearing revolved around a petition concerning the cancellation of lease plots in Qureshi Cooperative Society. Muharram Ali Sand, the Registrar of the Society, was present in court. The petitioners’ lawyer informed the court that Sand was accountable for the cancellation of their plot leases, prompting property buyers to seek justice.

Furthermore, the lawyer highlighted discrepancies in the educational qualifications and job positions of officials in the Cooperative Societies. For example, Registrar Cooperative Societies Zameer Abbasi, a grade 18 officer, was discovered to be serving in a grade 19 position. This inconsistency surprised the court.

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