Saudi Aramco is buying 40% of Gas & Oil Pakistan

Aramco, a global powerhouse in the energy and chemicals industry, has chosen to acquire a 40% stake in Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd. (GO), a significant player in Pakistan engaged in the sale of fuels such as petrol and diesel, lubricants, and the management of convenience stores.

Presently, GO boasts a network exceeding 1,100 gas stations across Pakistan, offering a diverse range of products including petrol, diesel, and lubricants. Aramco’s decision to invest in GO aligns with its strategic objective to expand its presence in the downstream sector, focusing on refining and directly supplying products to consumers.

However, it’s important to note that this acquisition is contingent on receiving regulatory approval. If granted, Aramco stands to gain by broadening its market reach for refined products like petrol and diesel. Moreover, there is a potential opportunity for the promotion and sale of Valvoline-branded lubricants through the outlets owned by GO.

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