Dubai was the world’s fastest-growing city. In 1991, it had just one skyscraper; now, it has over 400

Dubai has undergone an astonishing metamorphosis, transitioning from a modest fishing village to one of the world’s most rapidly expanding cities.

Initially propelled by the discovery of oil in the region, the city’s population skyrocketed by over 500% in recent decades. However, the pivotal moment arrived in 1966 when offshore oil was accidentally discovered, triggering a substantial population surge from 1968 to 1975.

In the last 30 years, Dubai’s success narrative has persisted, witnessing an extraordinary growth of 569%, elevating its population to 2,785,000. Remarkably, despite oil contributing only 1% to its GDP, Dubai has emerged as a global business hub and a coveted luxury tourist destination.

In 1991, Dubai had just one skyscraper; today, it boasts a remarkable skyline adorned with over 400 towering structures. This phenomenal expansion reflects the city’s swift urban development, emblematic of its economic prosperity and worldwide significance.

Dubai’s prowess in attracting investments and undertaking ambitious development projects has shaped it into a contemporary metropolis celebrated for its architectural marvels and top-tier infrastructure.

The evolution of Dubai, evolving from a solitary skyscraper to a multitude, stands as a testament to its extraordinary growth and ambitious stature on the global stage.

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