Saudi Arabia set to host 2034 FIFA World Cup as Australia withdraws

Australia’s withdrawal from the bidding process for the 2034 FIFA World Cup has positioned Saudi Arabia as the sole confirmed bidder, significantly enhancing its prospects. FIFA had initially called for bids from Asia and Oceania, sparking speculation that Australia might enter the race. However, on the submission deadline day, Football Australia (FA) declared its decision not to pursue the 2034 World Cup bid.

This development has distinctly bolstered Saudi Arabia’s chances of securing the hosting rights for the 2034 World Cup. Saudi Arabia promptly expressed its interest by announcing its bid shortly after FIFA’s call for proposals on October 4.

Crucially, the support of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), to which Australia is affiliated, plays a pivotal role in the success of Saudi Arabia’s bid. The AFC president affirmed that “the entire Asian football family” stands in unity to endorse Saudi Arabia’s bid, solidifying the region’s commitment to hosting one of the world’s most prominent sporting events.

With Australia redirecting its focus to other football-related events and Saudi Arabia’s confirmed bid, it now appears that the 2034 World Cup could potentially find its home in the Middle East, pending FIFA’s formal evaluation and selection process.

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