Irfan Junejo and fans raise over Rs. 5 million for Pale-stine

Prominent YouTuber Irfan Junejo initiated a charitable fundraiser for Palestine on October 21st. He informed his extensive online audience that all the proceeds would be dedicated to assisting the Palestinian people who continue to grapple with challenges arising from the ongoing conflicts with Israel.

Subsequent to his announcement, Junejo provided an update via Instagram Stories, revealing that the fundraising campaign had been successfully concluded, with an impressive total of PKR5 million collected. He also mentioned facing difficulties when attempting to transfer the funds to a bank, ultimately resorting to issuing a check. The substantial amount was then handed over to the AlKhidmat Foundation, a recognized charitable organization specializing in receiving contributions.

In response, the AlKhidmat Foundation conveyed their gratitude through their official Instagram platform, acknowledging Irfan Junejo, a well-known vlogger and blogger, along with his dedicated fan base. They underscored the pivotal role played by Junejo’s followers in raising a commendable PKR5.37 million for the Palestinian-Gaza Relief.

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