Saudi Arabia begins making 5000 electric vehicles annually

Saudi Arabia is actively advancing towards a sustainable future through significant strides in the realm of electric vehicles (EVs). A noteworthy development in this endeavor is the initiation of the assembly of 5,000 electric vehicles annually, highlighting the nation’s swift transition towards electrification.

At the heart of Saudi Arabia’s electrification initiative is the establishment of Lucid Group’s inaugural international manufacturing plant in Jeddah. This strategic move aligns with the country’s resolute commitment to advancing electrification, a vision championed by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, the primary shareholder in Lucid Group.

Lucid Group’s entry into Saudi Arabia is part of a broader collaboration with the sovereign wealth fund, holding slightly over 60% ownership in the electric vehicle company. Driven by the goal of diversifying the nation’s revenue sources, the sovereign wealth fund has pledged to acquire up to 100,000 vehicles from Lucid over the next decade. This partnership positions Lucid as a key player in Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plan to establish a robust and thriving electric vehicle ecosystem.

The manufacturing facility, designated as Lucid’s AMP-2, strategically resides in the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) and focuses on assembling the luxury electric sedan, Lucid Air. Initially designed with a production capacity of 5,000 units per year, the plant underscores Lucid’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for premium electric vehicles in the region.

As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, the facility is poised for significant production scaling, with a targeted annual output of 155,000 units. This emphasizes Lucid’s pivotal role as a major contributor to the sustainable transportation landscape in the region. In addition to Lucid’s initiatives, industry leader Tesla is reportedly in preliminary discussions to establish its manufacturing presence in Saudi Arabia, a move that could further elevate the country’s standing in the global electric vehicle market, contributing substantially to the diversification of its economy.

In summary, Saudi Arabia’s venture into electric vehicle manufacturing, particularly through partnerships with companies like Lucid Group, signals a deliberate and substantial commitment to embracing sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation while positioning the nation as a prominent player in the global electric vehicle landscape.

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