Revenue Minister Of Sindh Gifts Dollars Necklace & Gold Crown to his Assistant

The provincial minister presented the private secretary with a necklace of dollars and a gold crown. The provincial minister of Sindh wore a golden crown to his secretary’s wedding ceremony. On the one hand, inflation and poverty are increasing in the country; on the other hand, the opulence of the ruling class is not diminishing.

At the Matiari wedding of Sindh Revenue Minister Makhdoom Mehboob-ul-personal Zaman’s assistant (PA), a dollar necklace and a gold crown were the centre of attention.

Sources claim that Sindh Revenue Minister Makhdoom Mehboob-ul-Zaman handed his personal assistant Saif Shah a gold crown and a dollar necklace.

On the other hand, the mega-corruption scandal is also linked to the name of Province Minister Makhdoom Mehboob. Gifts worth thousands of rupees were nevertheless presented to the PA notwithstanding this. 

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