Ramadan in Saudi Arabia likely starts on March 11

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, an astronomy expert and Chairman of the board of the Emirates Astronomy Society, has employed precise astronomical calculations to present an intriguing prediction: the onset of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is projected to be on March 11, 2024. This forecast holds implications for Pakistan, where Ramadan may also commence on March 11 or March 12.

Adding a captivating aspect to this prediction is the rare alignment of Ramadan with the winter season in Saudi Arabia, spanning from December 22 to March 20. If this forecast materializes, it will signify the first occurrence in 26 years that Ramadan coincides with the winter season in the region, with this phenomenon expected to persist until 2031. The fasting experience during Ramadan involves daily fasts from sunrise to sunset, and in Saudi Arabia this year, the estimated duration of fasting days ranges from 13 to 15 hours each day. This unique element introduces a distinctive dimension to the spiritual observance of Ramadan.

Moreover, the prediction of Ramadan commencing on March 11 holds potential implications for the celebration of Eid-ul Fitar, which could fall around April 10 or 11.

As anticipation mounts among the faithful, the initiation of Ramadan signifies the commencement of a month dedicated to fasting, prayer, and profound reflection within the Islamic community.

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