Qatar stands as the sole nation with blue-colored roads

Qatar proudly showcases its distinctive blue-hued streets, situated near Souq Waqif and a stretch adjacent to Katara Cultural Village. An innovative initiative has been introduced to coat these roadways with a cooling blue layer, fostering a unique project.

This coating incorporates a heat-reflecting pigment and ceramic microspheres, designed to mitigate road surface temperatures and counteract the urban heat island phenomenon. Moreover, the roads are constructed from a specialized material that possesses the ability to reflect solar rays, resulting in a significant reduction of surface temperatures by 15 – 20 degrees Celsius.

These azure pathways signify a pivotal facet of the nation’s commitment to address the escalating temperatures attributed to climate change. Qatar stands among the globe’s hottest regions, with average summer temperatures soaring to 42 degrees Celsius.

Beyond their visual allure, these blue roads also bestow a refreshing cooling influence upon their surroundings.

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