Eight Bogies from the Hazara Express derailed near Nawabshah

On Sunday, a distressing event unfolded as approximately 50 individuals sustained injuries following the derailment of eight carriages of the Hazara Express in close proximity to Sahara Railway Station in Pakistan. Regrettably, train mishaps have become all too frequent in the nation, resulting in loss of life and bodily harm on numerous occasions. Despite these unfortunate occurrences, authorities have yet to implement adequate measures to avert such incidents.

The wounded passengers were expeditiously transported to the People’s Medical Hospital in Nawabshah, with concerns looming over additional injuries due to the as-yet undetermined cause of the derailment. Ongoing rescue endeavors are underway to provide assistance to the affected travelers, and nearby medical facilities have instated emergency protocols.

Remarkably, this incident unfolded a mere day after an unrelated occurrence involving the derailment of three carriages of the Allama Iqbal Express, fortunately resulting in no injuries. Investigation into the root causes of both incidents is currently in progress, with concerted relief initiatives being orchestrated to aid those impacted.

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