Punjab’s Sports Adviser, Wahab Riaz, Establishes Inaugural Sports Medicine Clinic

Punjab’s Sports Adviser, Wahab Riaz, is actively working towards the advancement of sports in the province. In an exciting development, Riaz has unveiled plans for the Sports Board of Punjab (SBP) to establish the first-ever sports medicine clinic.

Expressing his dedication to prioritize athletes’ well-being, Riaz took to Twitter to announce the upcoming opening of Pakistan’s inaugural sports medicine clinic. Additionally, he shared plans for a new mosque at the National Hockey Stadium, ensuring convenient prayer facilities for athletes. Both facilities are scheduled to open in the first week of June.

Riaz, who is also involved in franchise cricket, has shown his commitment to reviving the national sport of hockey. During a press conference in Lahore, he confirmed that the Punjab government will provide a monthly stipend to 20 hockey players.

The Chief Minister of Punjab has announced a monthly stipend of PKR 20,000 for these 20 players, effective from the following month. This group of players will include both national and international athletes.

Riaz emphasized that this initiative is just the beginning, with plans to expand support and increase monthly stipends in the future. The ultimate goal is to revitalize and elevate the national game of hockey to its full potential.

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