Google Announces Deletion of Inactive Accounts After Two Years

Google to Delete Inactive Accounts for Enhanced Security Measures

Google has recently announced a security-driven policy change regarding inactive accounts. Starting in December, Google will begin deleting accounts that have remained dormant for two years or longer. To ensure users are well-informed, Google will send multiple warning notifications before initiating the phased deletion process.

Initially, the accounts targeted for deletion will be those that were created but have never been utilized since. It is important to clarify that this policy solely applies to personal accounts, with no impact on organizational accounts associated with schools and businesses.

Google’s decision stems from internal findings that reveal older accounts pose higher security risks due to recycled passwords and outdated security protocols. Potential issues, including phishing attempts, hacking incidents, and spam, are associated with such inactive accounts.

This updated approach marks a departure from Google’s previous policy of solely erasing content from unused services while retaining the dormant accounts themselves.

To preserve your account, all that is required is to log in to your Google account or any Google service and engage in any activity, such as reading an email, watching a video, or performing a search.

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