Punjab Govt Gives Top Export Quota to Jahangir Tareen’s Sugar Mills

The Punjab government has allocated the largest export quota to sugar mills owned by Jahangir Khan Tareen. His JDW Sugar Mills-I and JDW Sugar Mills-II received a notable 10,783 tons out of the province’s total 96,000-ton sugar export quota.

This allocation is based on sugar production volume rather than sucrose recovery rates, benefiting Tareen’s highly efficient mills.

The Government of Punjab aims to ensure a fair distribution of export quotas among the province’s 41 sugar mills, considering regional differences in sucrose content to achieve an equitable approach.

Tareen’s mills have consistently demonstrated higher efficiency and production capabilities, resulting in their receiving the largest share. The allocation process is designed to reward productivity and efficiency, encouraging all mills to improve their operations.

This strategic move by the Punjab government underscores the importance of supporting high-performing industries while maintaining fairness across the sector.

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