Price Of Dollar Increases by Rs. 102.5 in Last 11 Months

US dollar has gained the highest level in the history of Pakistan, trapping the Pakistani currency with the second historic gain in the price of US currency in a day.

While, on the fourth day of the trading week, the rate of US currency has been recorded, with interbank closing at Rs 285.9 paise.

However, the open market also witnessed an increase of Rs. 9 in the dollar, after that the open market stood at Rs 283.

It is pertinent to mention that previous day it closed at Rs 266.11.

In the time period of Shahbaz Sharif’s 11 months, national currency devalued by 36%, the dollar increased by Rs 102.5, while the rupee decreased by 19.5 % during the tenure of Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister.

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