PML-N ‘running away’ from elections to ‘save its corruption’: Khan

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  • Imran says doesn’t want an army chief of his choice
  • Imran questions who is responsible for ‘placing thieves’ atop country
  • Fawad claim PML-N, PPP making army chief appointment ‘controversial’

Imran calls on CJP to ‘stand with the people’

PTI chairman Imran Khan has called on the Chief Justice of Pakistan to be “more assertive” and “stand with the people of the country”.

“I want to tell my respected chief justice that the nation is looking at you,” he said. “What we are seeing in Pakistan today […] People are asking questions about Arshad Sharif’s murder. The nation saw how he stood on his narrative and he was repeatedly threatened.

“The entire journalist community knew his life was in danger, he left the country and then he was murdered. The people have lost their trust in everyone […] Chief Justice, you have to give justice to Arshad Sharif and Azam Swati,” he demanded.

“If a senator is oppressed to this extent and no justice is served […] then this is the limit […] now we want the court to be assertive,” Imran said, reiterating that as the ex-prime minister of the country he couldn’t even register an FIR on the Wazirabad incident.

“If this is the case with me, what will happen to the common people.”

We want respectable relations with US, says Imran

Former premier Imran Khan has said that he desires “respectable relations with the US”.

“I never wanted to fight with anyone. I was just working on an independent foreign policy. I was working on a foreign policy that was beneficial for the people of Pakistan.

“And with the US we want a foreign policy that India has […] India has relations with the US but they have a lot of self-respect in them, they stand for the interests of their people […] I can never accept slavery under anyone,” he clarified.

Imran also recalled that during PTI’s tenure Pakistan was the country that had raised the issue of Islamophobia in the United Nations. “The entire world saw where Pakistan stood during our government.”

Does anyone have a way out of the current crisis: Imran asks coalition govt

PTI chairman Imran Khan, while slamming the coalition government, asked if anyone had a way out of the current crisis in the country.

In an address via video link today, he said that people had lost confidence in the government. “Our debts are increasing and revenue is decreasing. Inflation has increased tremendously during these seven months. Today, I ask the cabinet if they have a solution for these problems.”

Imran went on to stress that political stability could only be achieved if the country was economically stable.

Imran castigates Nawaz Sharif for ‘running away’ from elections

Former prime minister Imran Khan, in an address via video link today, castigated PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif for “running away” from elections to “save his corruption”.

“They [the Sharifs] stole money for 30 years and transferred the amount abroad […] these people are now deciding the future of the country […] these people are now taking decisions on the appointment of the army chief […] these people sitting in London,” he said.

“The people never made a decision on merit. They always bring their people to head institutions. They don’t care about the country’s economy,” Imran claimed, emphasising that his long march was aimed at “tackling the PDM”.

He added that no matter how much the government lied, the truth would always come out. “The public has rejected this imported government and the number of people joining the long march has shown this.”

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