PML-N has designated Ishaq Dar as the Caretaker Prime Minister

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), the incumbent ruling party, has reached an agreement to propose Ishaq Dar, the current finance chief, as the caretaker prime minister during the transition of power after the government’s term concludes in the coming weeks.

The decision to nominate Ishaq Dar was motivated by the aim to maintain the continuity of economic policies and fulfill the financial commitments made with the IMF. However, the nomination has faced opposition from the PPP, another significant party in the ruling coalition, who are concerned about maintaining a neutral stance.

As per media reports, there is a possibility of a consensus on Dar’s nomination as political leaders are planning to convene and discuss the future course of action. The PPP has established a committee to assess the interim setup and emphasized the importance of reaching an agreement among all parties before finalizing any candidate for the position of prime minister.

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