PM Shehbaz Presents World Junior Squash Champion Hamza with Rs. 10 Million Award

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif met with Hamza Khan, the World Junior Squash Champion, on Thursday, presenting him with a Rs10 million cheque in recognition of his remarkable accomplishments. Hamza expressed gratitude to the prime minister and the Pakistan Squash Federation for their unwavering support.

During their encounter, the prime minister extended congratulations to Hamza for his triumph in the World Junior Squash Championship held in Australia. He commended young talents like Hamza, considering them a source of national pride. Shehbaz Sharif highlighted how Hamza’s victory had brought a sense of immense pride to the entire country after several years.

Drawing from his personal experience in squash and regarding it as an exemplary sport, the prime minister encouraged Hamza to persist in his efforts and set his sights on clinching the senior world title. He hailed Hamza as a role model for the youth of Pakistan and underscored the government’s commitment to providing top-tier sports facilities and fostering sports engagement across the nation.

The meeting also delved into recent national sports initiatives geared towards uplifting athletes and advancing sports activities in Pakistan. Notably, the establishment of the nation’s inaugural sports university and the provision of technical and financial support for youth training in the sports sector featured prominently in these initiatives.

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