Pakistan’s Transparency International corruption ranking improves by 7 spots

In 2023, Pakistan experienced a notable rise in its ranking on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), climbing seven places from 140th to 133rd among 180 countries. Transparency International, a global anti-corruption organization, released this data, signaling a positive shift in how corruption is perceived within Pakistan’s public sector.

The CPI employs a scale from zero to 100, where zero indicates high levels of corruption, and 100 indicates a very clean environment. Pakistan’s 2023 CPI score was 29, a slight improvement from its 2022 score of 27. While this progress is commendable, the report emphasizes that globally, the fight against public sector corruption has been slow, with most countries making minimal advancements. Denmark retained its top position on the index for the sixth consecutive year, showcasing a strong anti-corruption environment. Conversely, countries like Somalia, Venezuela, Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen ranked lowest, largely due to prolonged crises affecting these regions.

The report highlights the crucial connection between access to justice and corruption, stressing the vital role independent institutions play in upholding the rule of law. Transparency International advocates for significant investments in these institutions and emphasizes the importance of ensuring their autonomy to effectively combat corruption.

Leaders are urged to prioritize the establishment and preservation of independent bodies, identified as a key strategy in the ongoing fight against corruption. By underscoring the link between corruption and access to justice, the report offers a comprehensive view of the challenges countries encounter in promoting transparent governance and calls for united efforts to strengthen institutional independence worldwide.

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