Pakistan’s Rice Exports to China Increase by 53% In 2022

For the first time in the history of China-Pakistan rice commerce, Pakistan’s rice exports to China in 2022 will top USD 455 million with a volume of more than one million metric tonnes, according to Ghulam Qadir, Commercial Counsellor at Pakistan’s Embassy in Beijing, China.

According to Ghulam Qadir, China imported more than 1.19 million tonnes of various types of rice from Pakistan last year, a 53% rise year over year, as reported by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC). 

“Our rice exports to China exceeded one million tonnes for the first time, thanks to facilitation from both governments and the hard work of businessmen.” “With the opening up of China, these exports are forecast to grow more,” he added.

He further said that according to statistics from the General Administration of Customs, in 2022, China’s imports of semi- or wholly milled rice (Commodity Code: 10063020) from Pakistan touched USD 211.88 million, while two kinds of broken rice (Commodity Code: 10064020, 10064080) reached USD 162.78 million and USD 80.74 million, respectively.

Through the construction of offline and online pavilions, the Chinese government is assisting Pakistan. Pakistani rice has already made an appearance on China’s e-commerce platform, and sales are anticipated to increase further. As Qadir stated, “We are working with GACC to guarantee that additional Pakistani rice firms register and further improve our exports.”

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