Pakistan’s Population Crosses 240 Million Mark officially

During a unanimous decision on Saturday, the Council of Common Interest (CCI) granted its approval for the digital Population and Housing Census 2023. The census data reveals Pakistan’s total population as 241.49 million, marked by a population growth rate of 2.55 percent.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif convened the CCI meeting to address disparities among coalition partners concerning the 2023 census.

Should the forthcoming elections incorporate the fresh census data, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) may necessitate additional time for the readjustment of the delimitation process. This could potentially entail a constitutional amendment, a complex undertaking considering the prevailing composition of the lower house.

In response to these unfolding developments, the federal government is exploring diverse strategies; however, there remains a possibility of further postponement of the upcoming general elections. Attended by chief ministers from all four provinces and federal ministers, the meeting fostered comprehensive discussions.

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