Money Made Indian Cricketers Arrogant: Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev, the iconic cricketer from India, has voiced his critique of the Indian cricket players, suggesting that their increased wealth has led to a sense of arrogance.

As reported by Indian media, Kapil Dev remarked that the accumulation of wealth often breeds arrogance, leading individuals to believe they possess all-encompassing knowledge.

He questioned the rationale behind such an attitude, pointing to the presence of cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar as a valuable resource for consultation. Kapil Dev emphasized the futility of arrogance, urging cricketers to recognize the importance of learning from experienced figures.

Highlighting his perspective, Kapil Dev noted the unfortunate shift towards arrogance among Indian cricketers due to their enhanced financial status. He emphasized their misconception of being all-knowing. The former captain of the Indian cricket team also expressed his concern for several Indian players, suggesting that many of them could benefit from guidance.

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