Pakistan’s initial Hajj flight, carrying 180 pilgrims, is set to depart tomorrow as part of the ‘Road to Makkah’ program

As per Ministry of Religious Affairs officials, the inaugural Hajj flight is poised for departure from Karachi airport, marking the commencement of the Road to Makkah initiative. Scheduled for 1:45 am, this flight will accommodate 180 pilgrims embarking on their journey to the holy city. Shortly thereafter, at 2 am, another flight will take off from Karachi bound for the sacred city of Medina, carrying 150 pilgrims.

Over the span of a month, more than 68,000 intending pilgrims participating in the government’s regular Hajj scheme will be airlifted to Saudi Arabia. This extensive operation entails a total of 259 flights operated by various airlines. The majority of these flights, slated from May 24 to June 9, are destined for Jeddah. Subsequent to the conclusion of the Hajj pilgrimage, return flights from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan will commence on June 20.

On the inaugural day, Thursday, a total of 11 flights will ferry 2,160 intending pilgrims from Pakistan’s airports to Medina. This includes three flights from Islamabad transporting 680 pilgrims, two flights from Karachi with 330 pilgrims each, and three flights from Lahore with 670 pilgrims aboard. Additionally, the first Hajj flights from Quetta and Sukkur are scheduled for May 11 and 27, respectively, as part of the ongoing arrangements for the pilgrimage journey.

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