Pakistani & Indians Are Among Top Tourists in Dubai in 2022

In terms of passenger volume, India, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan were Dubai International (DXB) airport’s leading source countries in 2022.

The biggest number of passengers from any country, 9.8 million came from India to Dubai last year, according to annual statistics issued by Dubai Airports on Tuesday. Saudi Arabia (4.9 million), the UK (4.6 million), Pakistan (3.7 million), the US (3 million), Russia (1.9 million), and Turkey were in front of India (1.6m).

According to a statement released on Tuesday, the busiest international airport in the world is currently connected to 229 locations in 99 different countries by more than 88 international airlines.

According to the most recent statistics released by Dubai’s Department of Commerce and Tourism, the number of foreign overnight visitors to the emirate has doubled since 2022.

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