Pakistan plans to sell $5 billion worth of smartphones abroad within five years

The Caretaker Federal Minister for IT and Telecom, Dr. Umar Saif, has set an ambitious goal of achieving $5 billion in IT exports within the next five years. Recently, he announced a 3% research and development (R&D) incentive designed to bolster the local handset manufacturing sector, particularly focusing on encouraging the production of high-end smartphones in Pakistan.

Dr. Saif emphasized the crucial role of the telecom sector in propelling Pakistan’s economic development. He highlighted ongoing endeavors to enhance the export of locally manufactured smartphones, citing a significant 32% surge in IT exports over the preceding two months.

With licenses granted to 35 companies involved in smartphone assembly for various brands, plans are underway to devise a comprehensive policy for the complete manufacturing of mobile phones domestically. This strategy includes initiating local production for certain phone components.

PTA Chairman, Major General (retd) Hafeezur Rehman, reiterated strong backing for the telecom industry. He discussed current initiatives aimed at facilitating the export of mobile phones manufactured in Pakistan. Furthermore, he disclosed the establishment of an advisory committee dedicated to the introduction of 5G technology in the nation.

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