Pakistan is now the world’s 9th largest potato producer

Pakistan’s emergence as a prominent potato producer signifies a transformative evolution in its agricultural sphere, characterized by heightened productivity and strategic utilization of cultivable land. The substantial surge in potato output, escalating by more than 35 percent over a mere three-year period, positions Pakistan as a significant player in the global potato market.

Key drivers fueling this remarkable growth encompass the expansion of agricultural land devoted to potato farming and the adoption of cutting-edge farming methodologies. These concerted efforts have synergistically combined to amplify yields, enabling Pakistan to achieve a remarkable potato harvest exceeding eight million tonnes annually. Noteworthy is the central role played by Punjab province in driving this burgeoning potato industry, contributing around 80 percent to the country’s overall production. This underscores the province’s agricultural prowess and underscores its potential as a primary hub for agricultural innovation and expansion.

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